Can You Cut Wired Ribbon with Scissors?

Can you Cut Wired Ribbon with Scissors

Wired edge ribbon is a versatile and popular choice for a variety of craft and decorating projects. One question that often comes up when working with wired edge ribbon is whether or not it can be cut with scissors. The answer is yes, you can cut wired ribbon with scissors, but there are a few things to keep in mind to ensure a clean cut and prevent damage to your scissors.

First, it's important to use sharp scissors. Dull scissors will crush the ribbon and make it difficult to cut cleanly. If your scissors are not sharp, consider sharpening them or using a new pair.

When cutting wired ribbon, it's also important to use the right technique. Hold the ribbon firmly with one hand, and use the scissors to cut through both the ribbon and the wire in one swift motion. Do not attempt to cut the wire separately from the ribbon, as this can damage the scissors and leave a jagged edge on the ribbon.

If you are cutting a lot of wired ribbon, you may want to consider using a rotary cutter instead of scissors. Rotary cutters are designed to cut through multiple layers of fabric or ribbon cleanly and quickly, and can be a good choice for large projects.

Finally, after cutting the ribbon, be sure to handle it gently to prevent the wire from poking through or bending out of shape. If the wire does become bent or distorted, you can use your fingers to gently straighten it out.

In conclusion, cutting wired edge ribbon with scissors is a simple and easy process, as long as you use sharp scissors and the right technique. With a little care and attention, you can create clean, professional-looking cuts and incorporate wired ribbon into all your craft and decorating projects.

Can you Cut Wired Ribbon with Scissors