Ribbon Rewards

Want to earn free supplies just for shopping or referring your friends?

Create an Account with Wreath & Bow Co. and every purchase will earn points you can quickly and easily redeem in checkout on your next purchases.

Once you have created an account, click on the Yellow Shopping bag at the bottom right of your screen

and under the "Refer Your Friends" section you will see your personal code.  Share it in your crafting groups, with your fellow wreath makers, anywhere people in your circle of makers resides.  Tell them it saves them $5!  But guess what? It also earns you $5 in rewards too!


If you are logged in, that yellow shopping bag is also how you can check your current rewards points that are ready to redeem. Please note, you must be logged in to see the available points and from that widget (the yellow shopping bag) you can choose which rewards you'd like to redeem/use.


Rewards are used as a personal code so they cannot be combined with any sales or discounts that use codes.  This includes the On Sale section that uses an automatic code to create the sale.