How Do You Create a Balanced Look When Mixing Different Types of Ribbon or Mesh in a Wreath?

Tips for Balancing Different Ribbon and Mesh Types in Wreath Designs


As a solo entrepreneur and expert in the art of wreath-making, I am thrilled to share insights on creating a harmonious and balanced look when mixing different types of ribbon and mesh in your wreath designs. At Wreath & Bow Co, we specialize in providing high-quality mesh, signs, and wired ribbon to fuel your creativity and elevate your wreath-making projects. In this blog post, I've got some techniques and tips for achieving a cohesive and balanced aesthetic when combining various ribbon and mesh varieties in your creations.


Establish a Color Palette:

Before diving into your wreath design, consider creating a color palette that will guide your ribbon and mesh selections. Choose a harmonious blend of colors that complement each other and work well together. Opt for shades that resonate with your theme or the season.


Mix Widths and Textures:

To create visual interest and depth in your wreath, experiment with mixing different widths and textures of ribbon and mesh. Combine wide and narrow ribbons, as well as varying textures such as burlap, satin, or metallic finishes. Layering these elements will add dimension and richness to your design.


Maintain Proportion:

When incorporating multiple types of ribbon and mesh, it's essential to maintain proportion and balance to ensure a cohesive look. Consider the size of your wreath form and the dimensions of your ribbons and mesh to achieve a well-proportioned arrangement. Avoid overwhelming the design with oversized elements.

Focus on Placement:

Strategic placement of ribbon and mesh in your wreath design is key to achieving balance. Distribute different ribbon types evenly throughout the wreath, ensuring they are spaced out and layered in a visually appealing manner. Pay attention to the flow and direction of each element to create a cohesive look.


Create Focal Points:

Introduce focal points within your wreath by featuring standout ribbon or mesh elements. Highlight a special ribbon pattern or texture, or use a bold color as a focal point to draw attention and add interest to your design. Balancing these focal points with subtler elements will create a harmonious composition.


By applying these tips and techniques, you can master the art of mixing different types of ribbon and mesh in your wreath designs to achieve a balanced and visually captivating result. Let your creativity soar and explore the endless possibilities of creating stunning wreaths that reflect your unique style and vision. At Wreath & Bow Co, I am thrilled to support you on your wreath-making journey and inspire your creativity. Happy crafting!